A Seaside Town For The 21st Century

Weymouth Observation Tower Planned

As I am sure you are aware Weymouth and Portland are hosting the 2012 Sailing Olympics and have built some outstanding facilities already in preparation for the big event.

Now the group that owns Seaworld – Merlin Entertainments are planning a 173ft (53m) high observation tower with glass pod at a cost of £3 million that will hold up to 50 people each time on the Festival Pier in Weymouth and they say that it can be built it in time for the Olympics and be part of the Festival Village Olympic Development.  This structure is currently going through planning and will only slightly change the look of the Weymouth seafront.

For visitors to Weymouth it will mean the chance to rise up slowly in a glass pod and be able to view the magnificent coastline and views in and around Weymouth. If it is approved and ready in time for the Olympics it will also mean that there will be a birds eye view of the sailing events taking place for anyone who is in the pod at that time.

Weymouth is  already keeping up with the times and offering many fun and exciting activities and events for all of it’s visitors throughout the year.  This planned structure will only add to the attractions available to visitors and it will certainly bring the town right up to date with it’s look to match it’s already updated atmosphere.

We will have to wait to see if the plans are approved and if the structure is built in time for the Olympics, but until then Weymouth is as always a great mix of modern and traditional fun for all and a great place to come for a holiday or a short stay with or without a modern viewing tower.

Author: Pratley Caravans