Weymouth’s New Sand Sculpture Attraction

Sand Sculpting in Weymouth

Weymouth has long since been known for its sand sculptures which have delighted visitors for many years and which used to be created by Fred Darrington from the 1920’s until 1996 when he retired.

The renowned Mark Anderson, Fred’s grandson, is the present sand sculptor in Weymouth.  From his humble beginnings when he used to help his grandfather with the sand sculpting at the age of 11 to today when he creates magnificent structures and models for all to enjoy.  Sculptures in Sand is located on the seafront at the far end of Weymouth town centre near the beach amusements.

First Competitive Sand Sculpture Park

Well now I am pleased to report that the UK will be getting it’s first competitive sand sculpture park “Sandworld” created by Mark Anderson along with local businessman David Hicks.

This competition will have some of the top, world class master artists competing against each for the prestigious title of the UK Competitive Sandworld International Sculptor when they start to build their creations in March and members of the public will be able to vote for their favourite sculptures.

Starting from 22 April 2011 an exhibit with a maritime theme will be showing these splendid sculptures that have been created with nothing more than sand and water.  And it will run until the end of October 2011.

Weymouth Winter Wonderland

Mr Hicks said the park will reopen as an attraction during the Christmas Holidays as a

“Weymouth Winter Wonderland” attraction.

Olympic Themed Sculptures

They will also be asking the sand master artists to return in 2012 to create some amazing sculptures and masterpieces based on the ancient Greek Olympics in readiness for the Olympic events being held in Weymouth during 2012.

So next time your child asks you to create a sand castle for them give a thought to the efforts and skills these guys put into their creations everytime.

And who knows you might even be able to pick up some tips or ideas when you visit.

So until Next Time…

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