Brewers Quay Weymouth Closed

Christmas Shopping Without the Quay

I have just spent an amazing Autumn Weekend at our caravan in Weymouth.  People walking around doing their Christmas shopping and getting ready for the big Christmas lights switch on.

There was just one big cloud on the horizon of my stay, my favourite mix of craft and gift shops where I love to buy presents for the family is closed.  It has been closed for the whole of the Summer period but the impact is even more noticeable now when I want to do my Christmas shopping.

No More Brewers Quay as we know it

When I first realised it was closing, I was shocked and bitterly disappointed and still cannot get used to the idea that Brewers Quay is closed for re-development.  If you have read any of my previous blogs you will know that I have mentioned how wonderful all the little shops and the Time Walk were.  Harbour Lights was a great shop especially at this time of year when you could wonder at all the delightfully different Christmas bits and bobs on sale.

But now although some of the shops have relocated to other parts of Weymouth and Dorchester some have unfortunately disappeared forever.   The Time Walk which was a favourite attraction is now gone and so have many of the smaller niche shops.

The Weymouth Museum will be returning to the new development with a revamped display in 2012.

Brewers Quay plans to build a new Hotel have been approved

The plans for the Brewers Quay 85 Bed Hotel have now been passed and the work looks as if it may be completed later in 2012.

There will also be a wet weather indoor attraction although I am not sure what it is yet? 12 Shops and apartments as well as a pub/restaurant are also planned.

I think the hope was to have the development ready in time for the 2012 Olympics but the notice on their window says late 2012 so I am wondering if it will be ready in time?

I am sure that when it is complete it will be a wonderful use of the original listed building and in these difficult times when many High Streets shops are feeling the pinch then a new attraction and Hotel in Weymouth will be a welcome addition.  However I can’t help but feel the loss of my favourite craft and gift shops especially at Christmas Shopping Time.


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