How do I book?

1. Contact us by Email or telephone to make sure that the dates you require are still available.

2. If the dates are available then Email us or call us and tell us your Name, Address and Telephone Number & Email Address (if available). So that we can provisionally book you in for the dates.

3. We send you a Booking Form which you need to fill in and and return to us along with your deposit and holiday rental damage deposit fee payment – £60.00 Deposit and £60.00 holiday rental damage deposit  Fee = £120.00 made payable to Pratley Caravans. Please note that the  holiday rental damage deposit  fee is refunded at the end of your stay provided that there is no damage or missing items.

4. We then send you a letter and receipt.

5. Your balance is due 8 weeks prior to your holiday start date.

6. Once full payment has been received you will be sent a letter of confirmation and a registration form to collect the Keys from Reception upon arrival. You will also be given a receipt for your payment and directions to the Holiday Park from the Centre of Weymouth.

Please note: Unless you have specifically requested and paid for fun passes at the time of booking then these will not be waiting for you at the Park and you will have to purchase them upon your arrival.

What if I book less than 8 weeks before the start date?

If you are booking less than 8 weeks prior to your stay then you will need to pay your full balance and holiday rental damage deposit fee in full at the time of returning the booking form.

We will then send you a confirmation letter, directions to the campsite from the centre of Weymouth, a receipt and a copy of the registration form. You will need to take this with you to the reception at Littlesea to pick up the keys.

Please see note above about Fun Passes.

What time can I enter the caravan upon arrival?

The caravan will be ready after 2 pm on the day of arrival which allows time for the previous guest to leave and the cleaner to get the caravan ready for your stay.

What time do I need to leave on the day of departure?

You will need to leave the caravan by 10 am on the morning of departure so that the caravan can be made ready for the next guests.

What do I do with the Keys on the day of departure?

When you leave please make sure that you take the keys back to the reception at Littlesea. Please do not leave them with anyone else and please do not hand them in at Starbucks. This prevents any mix up with Keys to Haven owned fleet caravans and ensures that our keys are put back in the private rental section.

Do I need to switch off the fridge before leaving?

No please leave the fridge on for our cleaner to deal with.

Do I need to lock the caravan when I leave?

Yes. And please make sure that all the windows are closed and fastened.

How do I pay?

Payment is by cheque made payable to Pratley Caravans or bank transfer. I am sorry at the moment we do not have facilities for Credit Card payments.

What if I don’t have a cheque book?

You can arrange for a Building Society cheque or a Bank Cheque to be drawn up or you can arrange for a Bank transfer.

Can I pay in two Payments?

Yes you can pay in two payment provided that the full balance and  holiday rental damage deposit fee are all paid up to 8 weeks prior to your stay.

What happens if I forget to take my paperwork to the site?

It is much easier if you remember to take it with you. However, we do have duplicates of the paperwork that was issued to you and Littlesea will have a copy of the registration form.

Is the path leading up to the caravan suitable for elderly guests?

Provided that you do not have any walking difficulties and you are able to take things from the car to the caravan (Suitcases with wheels are best) then You should be fine. My own elderly relatives have stayed there without any problems at all.

Is it suitable for wheelchairs?

No. Sorry the path is not very wide and the caravan does not have a ramp

Is is suitable for pushchairs?

Yes. The path is wide enough for pushchairs and these can be folded and stored by the single door near the coat hanging area, when not in use.

Do you have a Cot?

No. I am sorry we don’t have a cot or cot rails. There is however room to put a travel cot if you have one, in the front room even when the double bed is pulled out.

Do you have a Bed Guard?

Yes.  We have  2 x Tomy Style Plastic bed guard that can be put along the side of one of the single beds.

Do you have bunk beds?

No. All the twin beds are attached to the floor at single level.

Is there an ironing board and iron in the caravan?

No. Personally I want to get away from ironing when I am on holiday but I understand that if you have less room in the car you may decide to do some washing whilst away. You can hire these from Littlesea if you wish.

Is there a washing line?

There is a free standing rack for hanging washing on. We used to have a rotary line but we had to remove it as Site rules were standardised and they were no longer allowed.

Why should I choose your caravan instead of booking with someone else?

We pride ourselves on providing you with a caravan that is very comfortable with all the little added extras that make you feel more at home. You will be in a caravan with one of the best views of the whole park and it is on a Premium pitch, far enough away from the noise of the clubs, yet close enough to the facilities that you can walk there in a few minutes and by booking with us you will know exactly where you will be staying.

If you book with a larger caravan provider you may be placed very close to the facilities which although at first glance you might think this may be convenient, you would also be subject to a much higher degree of noise level, especially at night when the club is closing or early in the morning when the children might be playing football on the all weather sports pitch.

With us, You will know that you will be getting central heating and double glazing and that we provide a more personal caravan with games, books etc that will make you feel more at home.

You will soon realise that by booking with us you are getting a very good value for money deal compared with some other operators at Littlesea.

What If I need to Cancel for any reason after I have paid?

We have a cancellation policy with a sliding  scale of cancellation charges depending on how close to your holiday you need to cancel.  To view these please click here Cancellation Policy

We highly recommend that you take out travel insurance when you book to cover any possibility of cancellations.   

Please read our testimonials from previous customers.